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About ICF House

1. ICF BLOCK(Insulated Concrete Form)

ICF stands for Insulated Concrete Form. They are interlocking blocks made of polystyrene  which are assembled, then reinforced with vertical and horizontal rebar and pumped with concrete to form the most durable, comfortable and energy efficient shell possible for your home or commercial building.  The forms lock together somewhat like Lego bricks and serve to create a form for the structural walls or floors of a building.

2. About the ICF Home

1) cost comparing with a conventionally constructed home

Most of people sasy ICF homes cost approximately 3-5% more to build than conventionally constructed homes.However, if using craftsmen who have previously worked with ICF construction we can actually build ICF homes at about the same cost as conventional construction on the local level.

Of course material cost is another important factor for in the cost of a building.But usually the material of ICF home is stable.

2) Benefits of ICF construction(Insulated Concrete Form construction)

I.Lower Energy Bills

In ICF home,it is extremely air tight.  No joints exist between walls, or between walls and floors.  This prevents conditioned air from leaking from the interior to the exterior and, likewise, prevents unconditioned air from penetrating from the exterior to the interior.

The concrete walls of an ICF home have high thermal mass, which buffers the interior of a home from the extremes of outdoor temperature during every 24-hour cycle. This combination of high R-values, low air infiltration, and high thermal mass is believed to account for the amazing 25% to 50% energy savings of ICF versus wood or steel-framed homes.


In ICF construction, the exterior walls and slab/foundation of the home are one unified unit.  Rebar (steel reinforcing bars) are not only placed throughout the slab, but from the slab into the walls and throughout the walls.  The rebar and concrete connect everything together, forming a sort of reinforced concrete box or bunker.This feature of ICF homes greatly improves the strength and stability of both the walls and the slab.

III. Superior Fire resistance

It can withstand up to 4 hours of fire

IV. Very high R-Values - up to R-40 when reduced air leakage is factored in

V. Sound insulation ,peace and quiet

VI. Insect resistant - termites don't eat concrete or styrofoam

VII. Air transfer rate

ICF homes experience a lower interior to exterior air transfer rate than conventionally constructed homes is an energy efficiency.

VIII. Less Repair & Maintenance

With ICF homes, the equation is simple. No Rot = Less Repair and Maintenance. Neither polystyrene nor concrete will ever rot or rust. Concrete can even be exposed to the elements for centuries with few ill effects. Reinforcing steel, buried deep inside and protected by concrete's alkalinity, does not corrode.

IX. Construction Made Simple.Fast to learn, easy to use,labour saving.

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